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About Me

NAME: Andrea Squiers

SCHOOL: Davis Drive Elementary School

CLASS: Third Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: (919) 387-2130


My name is Andrea Squiers and I have been teaching 
for 26 years. I am originally from Portland, Maine (it’s cold 
there) and so about 13 years ago, our family moved to North Carolina (much 
warmer!). I have a wonderful husband, Kurt, who directs TV commercials, 
and two beautiful children, Normandy (23), who is a graduate of UNCW 
and is hoping to follow her mother’s footsteps to become a teacher, and 
Gage (18), is a Freshman at UNCW, who very well may follow into his 
father’s footsteps! And oh yeah, we have a Boxer-Beagle named Precious, who 
is one crazy mutt, but we love her anyway.

I love spending time with my family, traveling, gardening, walking & 
hiking, reading, movies, eating (healthy), playing sports, and watching 
our beloved Boston Red Sox.

Mrs. Squiers Philosophy

Throughout my many years of teaching, I have created
a classroom in which children feel confident that they will
succeed no matter their economical status, cultural background
or learning deficit.

My philosophy is that a teacher should be a guide for the
students. Teachers should encourage children to collaborate on
tasks to complete a common goal. Children should be creative and
able to try new approaches to solve everyday problems. As the
teacher, you must be prepared and able to allow the students to
lead discussion groups, think critically to solve tasks, and supply
them with the tools to be successful.

Learning can only take place if children feel they are listened to
and valued by both their peers and their teacher. Communication
between the teacher and the student is a necessity. Children
must feel self-confident to share thoughts, questions, ideas, and
come up with solutions to become successful adults.

I don’t view my occupation as a job, but as a gift. I get the
chance to shape these young minds into individuals who want to
make the world a better place to live in environmentally,
politically, medically and socially.


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