Math Videos



1st Quarter

Multiplication Videos 
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Mrs. Squiers YouTube

Pobble Arrays: Make Multiples

BrainPop Jr. - Repeated Addition

BrainPop Game- Moby’s Match

BrainPop Jr - Arrays


Carl’s Cookie Caper  From

Math Trainer Multiplication

Multiplication Practice

Quick Flash Cards

Interactive Multiplication Table

Learn Your Multiplication Tables
ES 3 Math Whole Number Multiplication Arrays
ES 3 Math Whole Number Discovering Division


Using Data to Solve Problems 


Interpret Pictographs

PictoGraph Game

Fuzz Bugs Graphing

BrainPop Jr - Picture Graphs

Interpret Bar Graphs

Mathopolis Bar Graphs

MathFrames Bar Graphs

BrainPop Jr. Tally Charts & Bar Graphs

Create a Graph

People Graph


Graphing Videos


Addition and Subtraction

Rounding #1

Rounding #2

Rounding #3

Rounding #4

Rounding #5

Addition #1 Picture form

Addition #2 Expanded Form

Addition #3 Numberline

Subtraction with Pictures and a number line

Subtraction with Expanded Form


2nd Quarter

Multiplication/Division Videos 

Commutative, Associative, Distributive - Properties of Multiplication Song

3 OA 4 Lesson 1 unknown

3 OA 2 Lesson 1

3 OA 3 Lesson 1

3 OA 5 Lesson 1 properties

3 OA 5 Lesson 2 properties

3 OA 5 Lesson 3 properties

3 OA 8 Lesson 1 2 step word problems

3 NBT 3 Lesson 1 multiples of ten multiplication


Order of Operations (PEMDAS)



Mrs. Squiers YouTube

3rd Quarter


Area Videos


Fraction Videos


Fraction #1

Fraction #2

Fraction #3

Fraction #4


4th Quarter

Measurement Videos

Measuring Length

Numberock Video -

Inches, Feet and Yards

Numberock Video - Capacity Song

Click HERE for the 3rd Grade Math at a Glance Document for Parents

Measurement Sample Anchor Charts

Cluster 8 Video

Enrichment: Journal Prompts for Cluster 8